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PAW Motorsport Ignition Coils (PQ35)


PAW Motorsport Ignition Coil (PQ35) are engineered to be more reliable, efficient, and stronger plug-and-play upgrades to factory coils. Our Ignition Coils provide a stronger, more consistent spark and a 15% greater energy output which improves performance and the reliability of your vehicle. Please see below for compatiblity list.

 PAW Motorsport Ignition Coils (PQ35)Features:

  • Direct plug-and-play
  • 15% Greater energy output
  • Greater reliabiltiy and longevity 
  • Short-circuit and moisture resistant
  • Higher thermal load capacity
  • Greater energy output
  • Extensive European vehicle compatibility

Number of Coil Packs Needed per engine:

  • 8T EA888 Gen 3 – 4
  • 0T EA888 Gen 3 -4
  • 0T EA888 Gen 3B – 4
  • 5T EA855 EVO – 5
  • 9T EA839 – 6
  • 0T EA839 – 6
  • 0T EA825 – 8

The essential function of Ignition Coils is to transform your car battery's voltage in order to generate an ignition spark and boost it for ignition. So when you're looking to maximise the performance of your car, our upgraded coils create a stronger,hotter spark. This intensifies the heat and makes it easier to burn fuel - translating to improved peformance.

PLEASE NOTE – If your factory ignition coils look physically different, other than colour, these upgrades are not compatible.

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